Little Guy’s Jumbo Dream

We’re Making Progress with our Short Film / Proof of Concept!

We would love your support as a crowd funder or producer!  See more below, and if you’re interested in helping make this film a reality (and having your name in the credits) give us a text or call at 414-588-3414!


VENMO: @brad-krawczyk

(Because Kickstarter and other Crowdfunding sites are the worst)

The Team Behind the Film


Brad Krawczyk – Writer, Director, Editor, VFX, Design & Animation

VFX Reel:

Commercial Reel:

Entertainment Reel:


Zak Gruber – Director of Photography


James Weise – Executive Producer


Jonathan Niehaus – Producer & Script Editor


Kris Howald – Character Design, 3D Animation & VFX


Casey Hoaglund – Illustration, Animation & VFX


Miruna Mateescu – Character Design, 3D Animation & VFX


Dave Kiehl – 2D Animation / Character Design


Rob Walek – Music, Sound, Editing and Production


Risks and challenges


The biggest obstacle will be funding and managing the 3D characters (texturing, rigging, lighting), along with the animation / VFX and ‘hand drawn’ animated sequences. CGI characters are expensive and need an incredible amount of attention to look professional, let alone world class. Currently we have thirteen 3D characters expected to debut (composited over live action footage!) with some others mixed in during the ‘daydream drawn sequences.’ We would love to exceed our goal so we can fine tune everything and not cut back on our vision, and also deliver some fun rewards to our backers, of course. Our team is quite talented: with backgrounds in animation, VFX, film production, illustration, writing, acting and marketing, we will be able to craft an engaging short with limited resources. Thanks for taking a look at what we’ve been up to!




Project Overview:  Twelve minute short film / proof of concept geared for younger audiences. It will be used to educate the viewer’s outlook on empathy and helping others.


Story Summary: A day in the life of Little Guy, who daydreams of being a superhero of sorts, rather than a plush hippo with a mundane job.  He documents his daydreams in his orange sketchpad that was given to him as a young hippo.  He wants to be more than what he is, but over the course of the story, he learns that choosing empathy and the smallest acts of kindness make a bigger impact on the people around him, more so than ‘saving the day.’


Technical Specifications:  Live action short with 3D animated characters and some brief one dimensional, cell-animation (main character’s daydreams) with real actors and real footage.  One 3D character is the protagonist and nearly all of the shots in the film will have an animated character in them. Little Guy’s journal of drawings, that come to life periodically, will be crude pencil sketches on lined paper, yet refined, or a similar effect, depending on what drawing utensil he uses.



Other Notes


The plush toys are licensed from Commonwealth Toy & Novelty (based in NYC) that had a collection of plush toys (Jumbo Love collection) that were successful in the 1980s. The company wants to bring the toys back into production.  This short film is a story to go with those toys, which would allow kids and adults alike to connect with the character.



More about the history of the toys


Did you have one of these toys?  We’d love to hear about your story and if you have a photo from your childhood, we’d love to share it in our credits!



Become a producer or credited crowd funder!    414.588.3414


VENMO: @brad-krawczyk

(Because Kickstarter and other Crowdfunding sites are the worst)

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